Hyperfast hosting for WordPress and Craft

Built for creative agencies and designers.

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A partner for digital agencies

Build, manage and maintain your Craft and WordPress websites with Hyperlane.

Hyperfast Cloud Hosting

Best-in-class performance,

no matter the size of your project.

Because websites need to be fast.

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Automated Workflows

Git-based workflow automation

with 3 identical environments.

The power of CI/CD at the click of a button.

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Developer Tools

All the tools your team needs to collaborate. Build, manage and maintain your websites on a one-stop platform.

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What's in it for you?

Stop wasting your time on server setups, configuration problems and failed deployments. Enter a new world of efficiency and automation.
  • Reduce operational cost

    Reduce operational costs

    Remove the hassle of setting up, managing and maintaining infrastructure.

  • Reduce operational cost

    Increase productivity

    Spend minutes instead of days on DevOps and sysadmin tasks.

  • Reduce operational cost

    Deliver your best work

    Get back to what you do best and focus on delivering amazing websites.


How does the free trial work?

Just register an account and enjoy all of Hyperlane’s features from the start. Development and Staging environments are free. You only start paying for Hyperlane once you go live.

We ask you to check in at least once every 30 days to keep these free environments up and running. If we do not observe any activity in this period, we assume you are not going to launch this project and we will delete it from our platform.

How much does Hyperlane cost?

Anyone can test Hyperlane for free. Our production site basic plan currently starts as low as 25 EUR per month. Learn more on our pricing page.

Can I easily migrate existing projects to Hyperlane?

Hyperlane offers automated migrations for your existing WordPress project. No need for paid migration services or allocation of team resources. Hyperlane does the heavy lifting to make sure you are up and running within minutes. For more information, visit our documentation page.

Which versions of Craft does Hyperlane support?

Hyperlane supports the latest releases of Craft 2, 3 and 4.

Where are the Hyperlane servers located?

Hyperlane allows you to select between 8 different regions to launch your website: 3 in the US (East, Central and West), 3 in Europe (East, West and North), South-Asia and Australia. Should you have any specific requests around datacenter location, please contact us.

Does Hyperlane support SSL?

Yes. Thanks to a fully automated integration with Let’s Encrypt, it is easy to secure your production site. Moreover, Hyperlane will make sure your SSL certificate will be renewed automatically.

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