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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does Hyperlane cost?

Anyone can test Hyperlane for free. Our production site basic plan currently starts as low as 25 EUR per month. Learn more on our pricing page.

Where are the Hyperlane servers located?

Hyperlane allows you to select between 8 different regions to launch your website: 3 in the US (East, Central and West), 3 in Europe (East, West and North), South-Asia and Australia. Should you have any specific requests around datacenter location, please contact us.

Can I run other applications on Hyperlane?

No. Only WordPress and Craft CMS applications are supported.

How does Hyperlane work with DNS?

Hyperlane can handle any domain name you point at it. However DNS configuration is still your responsibility. For more information, visit our documentation page.

Can I easily migrate existing projects to Hyperlane?

Hyperlane offers automated migrations for your existing WordPress project. No need for paid migration services or allocation of team resources. Hyperlane does the heavy lifting to make sure you are up and running within minutes. For more information, visit our documentation page.

Can I easily move a project away from Hyperlane?

Yes. We would be sad to see you go, but if you choose this path we will facilitate it as much as possible. There is always the opportunity to download your website and move it to a different provider.

Can I connect Hyperlane to an existing Git account or platform like Github or Bitbucket?

This is not possible. Upon creation of a new account, we will create a brand new Gitlab account for you. This account is connected to the Hyperlane workflow making sure you and your team can collaborate in the best way.

Does Hyperlane support SSL?

Yes. Thanks to a fully automated integration with Let’s Encrypt, it is easy to secure your production site. Moreover, Hyperlane will make sure your SSL certificate will be renewed automatically.

Hyperlane for WordPress

Does Hyperlane automatically update WordPress Themes & Plugins?

We wouldn’t dare! We all know that updating Themes & Plugins can yield unexpected outcomes. Far better to update them on your development or staging enviroment to see if everything still works as it should. Then, you can safely deploy the updates to production.

Hyperlane for Craft

Which versions of Craft does Hyperlane support?

Hyperlane supports the latest releases of Craft 2, 3 and 4.

Can I enable the Craft Pro License Free Trial on Hyperlane?

Yes, you can! Just remember to buy your Craft License when you go live.

Can I run Craft 3 with a PostgreSQL database?

This is not possible at the moment. Interested? Reach out to us so we can evaluate your case.

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