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Free dev and staging environments

Every project has separate but syncable development and staging environments that allow your team members to run a continuous integration workflow.


Version control

Automatic storing and tracking of changes to your source code makes your team work better together by using industry defined best practices.


Automated deployments

Once a team member commits his code to the Git repository, changes are deployed automatically to the server when automated deployment is activated.


On the fly cloning

Whether you need to move your entire development version to staging or you want to have your production database cloned to the development environment, Hyperlane does it in one click.


Hyper-reliable hosting

Our container-based architecture ensures 99.9% uptime. No matter the size of your project, Hyperlane is set up for scale and best-in-class performance from the start.


Dynamic scaling

What starts as a small project might grow into an enterprise-grade application. Scale to millions of pageviews without downtime or having to migrate servers.


Security and encryption

All our websites are protected from external attacks with HTTPS (Let’s encrypt) and SSL certificates so your customers’ data is kept safe at all times.


Scheduled backups

Schedule monthly, weekly or even daily backups with the click of a button. You can choose to create a backup of your code, your database, your data or just your entire environment.


Consolidated error logs

All your error logs in one view, so your team members can find out fast what’s going wrong by just looking at one single page instead of having to go through each components own error console.


Team management

Add team members to your agency and assign them to projects with specific roles and privileges, all from a single user-friendly user dashboard.


Command line interface

Access your application through an embedded webterminal to perform server side operations, right from the Hyperlane platform.


Expert support

Hyperlane is built and maintained by a team of experts. They will gladly assist you with any problems you might encounter on the Hyperlane platform.

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