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Announcing our partnership with Craft!

We are proud and excited to announce that Hyperlane is now an official Craft Hosting Partner! 🚀

Hosting is an essential element of any web project. Working with a trustworthy, knowledgeable and experienced hosting partner is of the highest value for creative agencies. Websites should run fast and have the highest possible uptime. A hosting partner’s client servicing team should be an extension of an agency’s development team.

At Hyperlane, this is what we strive for every day: launching successful projects in close collaboration with agencies.

But we do not stop there.

Successfully developing a website is not just about selecting a good hosting provider. It is also a process with many steps, twists and turns and unexpected events.

Hyperlane helps agencies by offering a structured development workflow with 3 environments (development, staging and production), leveraging the power of continuous integration and deployment. Gone are the days of ‘the Friday afternoon deployment hell’.

We perfected this methodology for a couple of content management systems and quickly gained traction in the agency market.

Early 2018, we got word of this upcoming CMS that was gathering momentum with creatives all over the world: Craft. After testing it ourselves, we were instantly hooked. Craft gives designers and developers exactly what they need: no more fighting with pre-built themes, only the right tools to build websites how they like it. It is structured yet flexible, and it gives content managers exactly what is needed to engage audiences in a better way.

We jumped on the bandwagon (in our case, the spacecraft).

We studied the structure of the code, experimented with various hosting configurations, finetuned PHP and database setups and implemented everything within the Hyperlane workflow. After a while, it worked magic.

We got in touch with the Craft team at Pixel & Tonic, showed them what we were doing ... and apparently, they loved it! :-)

Today, we are proud to announce that Hyperlane is now an official Craft Hosting Partner!

What does this mean for a creative agency working with Craft? Why should you work with Hyperlane as a hosting provider and development platform? We give you 4 reasons:

  • Our Craft hosting is blazing fast. We use nothing but the best cloud providers and have tuned our Craft setup for hyperfast page loads. Site visitors will love it, and Google’s algorithms will too.
  • Our workflow will save you a lot of trouble. 1 minute CMS installs, instant cloning between development, staging and production environments, automated deployments from Git,... Less sysadmin, more developing.
  • Our interface is simple and slick. An easy and intuitive flow with maximum automation. You will love it.
  • Our team delivers top notch support. Plenty of years of hosting and development experience and a thorough knowledge of Craft, a winning combination for helping you succeed with your projects.

We are very proud and extremely excited to partner with the amazing Craft team. We are fully committed to contributing to the Craft community and helping creative teams deliver projects faster, easier and better.

So what are you waiting for? Sign up now and experience what Hyperlane can mean for your creative agency.